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Agropoli e il Parco del Cilento
Agropoli is situated in the Salerno Province and it is considered the door of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano because it rises on a promontory that dominates the southern part of the Salerno Gulf, close to the Cilento Mountains. Among all the beaches the most famou, without any doubts, is the one situated in Trentova Bay; every year this wonderful beach consents to Agropoli to bear the  Blue Flag for cleanest sea waters of Legambiente.

Agropoli has not only natural beauties but it has a history too. This little Cilentean town is surmounted by a beautiful and characteristic Medieval Village where tourists can find many bars and typical Cilentean restaurants that make the visit very pleasant. It is possible to reach the historical Agropoli centre through the very famous and characteristic “Scaloni”, a flight of large and low steps. At the end of the Scaloni, on the top, there is a monumental door well-preserved. On the top of this amazing promontory there is the Angevin-Aragonese Castle built in triangular-shape with three circular towers and a deep and large moat. The inner part of the castle is mainly constituted by Plaza de Armas; nowadays, this part of the castle is used as open theatre,where, especially in summer,there are many historical, cultural and folk events.

A few kilometres far from Agropoli there is the beautiful archaeological area of Paestum, the ancient town of the Magna Grecia, which in 1998 become human heritage of UNESCO. The three great temples, two of them are Doric and the other one Doric and Ionic, are three of the best examples of well-preserved temples of Greek style.

Parco del Cilento e Vallo di Diano:
The Cilento area offers an incredible range of landscapes, from the beautiful coasts to the inner places situated in the mountain areas. In these places there are many possibilities of touristic entertainment for those people who want to relax (beaches, food and slow food) and enjoy nature (walk, trekking and horse-riding).

The greatest attractive of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano is constituted by the beautiful coasts, set among the promontories, little bays and inlets, small ports and little beaches. The coast begins from Agropoli and passes through Castellabate, Acciaroli and Pioppi, it goes on to Ascea and Pisciotta, Palinuro, Marina di Camerota up to Sapri. The inner places offer wonderful mountain landscapes like woods, valleys and streams situated in the well-known mountains like the Gelbison, Cervati and Alburni.

The Vallo di Diano both has places of great natural impact (as for example Pertosa Grottoes) and of cultural interest (as the Carthusian Monastery of Padula).

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